The Organizing Committee of Virtual VietTESOL International Convention 2020 is pleased to introduce four keynote speakers presenting at our Virtual VIC 2020 on October 16th

Keynote speaker 1: Dr. Mary Wong










Title: Enhancing English Teaching by Optimizing the Use of Vietnamese in K-12 Classrooms Using Action Research

How do we raise teachers’ “language awareness” of their use of L1 in the classroom to be more strategically applied through robust reasoning? In this keynote session, the Dr. Mary Wong will provide  a brief rationale for translanguaging (the “what” and “why”). Then, she will discuss how action research can be used to explore effective ways (the “how and when”) of translanguaging. This session will also outline ways teachers can avoid too little, too much, and the unexamined use of L1, exploring the question “How does my use of Vietnamese in my English class impact my students’ learning and identity formation?”

Dr. Mary Shepard Wong is a two-time Fulbright Scholar (The Chinese University Hong Kong 2012-2013; Yangon University 2015-2016) and Principal Investigator of two grants commissioned by the Hong Kong Government’s Education Bureau to evaluate the Native English Teacher Schemes in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools (2015-2017). She has conducted 145 presentations and has several publications including three edited books, two with Routledge, one with Multilingual Matters, and a fourth edited volume under contract with Bloomsbury.


Keynote speaker 2: Associate Professor Dongping Zheng

Title: Creating Translanguaging Spaces for Skilled Linguistic Action

In this keynote speech, translanguaging will be traced to sociolinguistic, second language development and language science perspectives to give a theoretical grounding of using L1 in L2 learning and instruction. Suggestions for how to implement theory of translanguaging practice are provided based on evidence found in empirical design-based research studies. Roles of teachers and learners, curriculum development, pedagogy, as well as translanguaging space design with/without technologies will also be discussed.

Dongping Zheng is an associate professor in the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Her research, teaching and service can be holistically described as interdisciplinary and multifaceted in cutting edge methodologies and technologies.


Keynote speaker 3: Dr. Julia Ciacio

Title: Reimagining English as an Additional Language: Implications in the Online Global Classroom

In this plenary session, you will explore how educators are reimagining English as an Additional language (EAL) utilizing online platforms. Celebrate home languages, cultures, and multilingualism while actively engaging students in their learning process by leveraging innovation and globalization for the 21st century. Through highlighting the academic skills pivotal to success and adapting to the online learner, attendees will be able to boost access to English without dismissing the richness of socio-cultural and linguistic assets brought into the classroom by EAL learners. Ultimately, language and culture are intertwined, you will be empowered and inspired to take actions and transform your online classroom.

Dr. Julie Ciancio has published numerous articles, conducted professional development workshops, and teacher training workshops on TESOL, entrepreneurship, soft skills, and international education around the world. She was a teacher at a bi-national center, university professor, and teacher trainer during the 13 years she lived in Brazil, where she also completed her Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Brasilia (UnB), during which time she conducted research on the influence of acculturation on second language acquisition.


Keynote speaker 4: Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong

Title: Teaching translation in the tertiary English major program – Insights from professional translator training

Against the backdrop of limited translation teaching in Vietnam, this report presents the adoption of a functional approach to translation in translation teaching and introduces insights from professional translator training to develop students’ language and translation competences. The first part of the report illustrates the effectiveness of the functional approach to translation which was evaluated through a contrastive examination of a qualitative analysis of students’ written and spoken reflections on the translation tasks and students’ translation solutions to some selected source text items both before and after translation workshops on aspects of the translation process (text analysis, translation strategies, and reflection). The second part of the report discusses practical implications in the teaching of language and translation including the adoption of a communicative view of language and translation, text analysis, text selection, translation briefs, process-based and project-based approaches as well as translation evaluation.


Huong Nguyen is a lecturer and a Vice Dean of the Faculty of English, University of Foreign Language Studies - the University of Da Nang (UFLS-UD). Her past research interest was related to the application of translation criticism in translation classes in foreign language contexts in enhancing students’ translation skills and critical thinking. Her PhD thesis focuses on how consciousness-raising, a principle in second language acquisition works in teaching translation as part of a Tertiary English Major Program in Vietnam. Her other interests include translation strategies and reader’s reactions. She has memberships of QATESOL (Queensland Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language) and AUSIT (The Australian Institute of Interpreters or Translators Inc.)


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