In the days of social distancing of Covid 19 pandemic, on June 23, 2021, the representative of VTA (VietTESOL Association) on behalf of Dr. Diana Dudzik, author of the memmoir “Mountains beyond mountain”) came to Dong Phong village, Tien Phong commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi to donate 5 million VND to Tuan, a young cancer patient.

We couldn't hold back our emotions when we saw him and his family. He lives with his grandparents who had to rely on loans for his treatment and finally sold two acres of their field (their only valuable property) while waiting for the consultation of professors and doctors from the US.

Learning about his situation and illness, VietTESOL took 5 million VND from sales of Dr Diana Dudzik’s book to give Tuấn, with the hope  that he tries to fight the disease and continue to go to school like many of his peers.

Through the representative of VTA, Tuấn’s grandparents would like to thank the author of the book and the association for giving them a meaningful gift.



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