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David Kertzner founded ProActive English in 1997 to deliver English language training for professionals and vocational employees at domestic and global companies. He has delivered or managed training programs at major software companies in Silicon Valley, in addition to pharmaceuticals, technology and research companies throughout Asia. He has also managed training at manufacturing facilities employing frontline workers - new arrivals to the U.S. from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. His career includes teacher training workshops at TESOL, in Brazil - where he was an English Language Specialist (U.S. State Dept – 2013) - and at the TESOL-ESP International Academy in São Paulo.  He has also trained many of his own hires.  David has developed extensive curriculum for the corporate training room focusing on simulations and other replications of workplace communication.   Through ProActive English, www.proactive-english.com, he developed The Business English Web, an asynchronous e-learning tool featuring 100+ hours of Web-based learning activities. A summary of his professional projects and TESOL presentations can be found at: https://tinyurl.com/y7wrzz58 or https://www.linkedin.com/in/dkertzner/. David holds a Master of Education degree in Teaching (ESL) from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.


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From University Classrooms to Company Training Rooms:  A Path for EFL teachers and EFL Curriculum


The need for English in the workplace has never been greater – which means the need for teachers of English in the workplace has never been greater. How prepared is our profession to meet that challenge?  And what must we do to get all the way there? A growing cadre of EFL/ESL teachers has been delivering workplace English training for many years now in fields like IT, heavy equipment manufacturing, food production facilities and the chemical industry. At times, these teachers feel like they are on an island with traditional academic EFL/ESL teachers largely unaware of their work. Workplace trainers are gaining a wealth of increasingly valuable experience and knowledge that must be shared if we are to lift our profession in this still developing global economy. David Kertzner is one member of that cadre.  He speaks about everything from testing versus performance-based assessment for measuring program impact to developing dynamic training activities that generate acceptance by management of the value of workplace English classes. David also shares inspirational stories about the role workplace EFL/ESL teachers are playing in lifting workers at all levels of a company, from software developers to line workers at manufacturing facilities.


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