Del Spafford
Macmillan Education

Del Spafford (MA TESOL; Dip.TESOL) is the regional teacher trainer and academic consultant for Macmillan Education. He has been working in ELT for over 20 years. His experience includes 11 years with the British Council in Thailand, where he has planned and delivered teacher professional development in a variety of contexts including both private and public schools. He is a passionate educator and publisher and thrives on integrating research-based methods and ideas into courses and supporting teachers to implement effective learning strategies in the classroom.

Presentation Title:

Project Based Learning- A Framework for Implementation


In today’s fast paced, technologically advanced world the need for 21st Century Skills is obvious. But how do we incorporate these skills into our classrooms? This session will look at the key concepts of Project Based Learning (PBL) and the way it can help develop life skills. We will examine the need for PBL in the classroom and the benefits for students and teachers. We will discover how PBL can be used in the classroom and examine different tasks that can incorporate project based learning. We will also look at how to foster better group work and collaboration within our classrooms by looking at interaction patterns and student roles. Participants will leave with ideas of how to move forward with PBL and will also have had an opportunity to share their ideas with the group.

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