Phillip Warwick

Philip Warwick has been involved in ELT for almost 30 years, working in South America, Asia and Europe as a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager. He’s currently academic manager for a UK based summer school with centres in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury and for an English project in Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia. In between these commitments Phil works as a teacher trainer for Pearson English, and is never happier than when he can step back inside a classroom, which he does in his friend's language school in Brno as often as time allows.

Presentation Title:

Playing to learn with the multimedia generation


Children today seem to be changing the way they respond to stimuli and this affects the way they act in the classroom. We need to present challenging tasks that can help them play effectively and learn from this play to put them on the language ladder. This session will look at some of the techniques we can use to encourage and enhance young learners to help activate their language learning.
In this session we’ll be looking at some of the research into when to start exposing children to second languages, the differences between Younger Learners and Very Young Learners and some practical activities we can use at each stage of development. Along with this participants will have an understanding of game theory and how this can be applied to a YL classroom.

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