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Thank you for spending your time on this "Call for VietTESOL Advocates"!

Let us introduce about our association first. We are Vietnamese Association for English language Teaching and Research (VietTESOL Association) serving as a non-profit community of Vietnamese ELT teachers newly-established on April 10, 2018, with the main office in Hanoi, Vietnam. We set this time when there is the process of sustainable development, thus we are in desperate need of consistent and strong support. Under your highlighted support, we believe that the community would see the brighter future so as to initiate and strengthen a trusted platform for stakeholders related to English-language teaching and research in Vietnam. With all of these meanings, we are pleased to create this form as a call for your cooperation as advocates for VietTESOL Association.We are delighted to hear your voice. We advocate that "Once Advocates, Always Advocates". 

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  • Proposal submission deadlines

20th July 2018

  • Notification of accepted proposals

10th August 2018

  • Presenter registration deadline

10th September 2018

  • Participant registration deadline

30th September 2018

  • Conference dates

12th-13th October 2018

  • Full paper submission*

30th November 2018

*: For consideration to be published in a special issue of Language and Life Journal

Click here if you want to register for the Convention.

These guidelines are designed to help you better prepare for your submission(s) for VietTESOL Convention 2018. A step by step tutorial on how to submit a proposal through our Open Conference Systems (OCS) is also downloadable here: OCS Author Guide. Open Conference Systems (OCS) is an open source solution to managing and publishing scholarly conferences online. It seeks to improve the scholarly and public quality of conference publishing through a number of innovations, from making policies more transparent to improving indexing.

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