To help teachers successfully write abstract proposals for VietTESOL Convention and other conferences, on July 12th, 2018, Hanoi University of Industry hosted a workshop entitled “Writing an abstract proposal for VietTESOL Convention and other conferences”. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Hoang Thi Hanh from the University of Languages and International Studies, VNU Hanoi.

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together teachers of English to overcome difficulties in writing an abstract for VietTESOL Convention and other conferences. Dr. Hoang Thi Hanh presented the importance of writing abstract with great emphasis on the types, structures and the guiding components for writing abstracts. The 52 workshop participants, who came from different organizations, institutions, and universities, were equipped with learning about and identifying opportunities for reviewing, improving and implementing basic components for abstract writing skills then submitting successfully their conference abstracts as well as research papers.

The balance of the day consisted of interactive small groups and plenary discussions which focused on 1) identifying Descriptive and Informative conference abstracts; 2) analyzing structures and basic components of abstracts, and 3) writing Descriptive and Informative conference abstracts basing on guiding questions and basic components.

Dr. Hanh also guided the basic practice on abstracts based on what has been presented and asked the participants to divide themselves into small groups, with each group then peered and commented on the written abstract of the others’, and discussed whether or not the abstracts matched the criteria that she mentioned. Participants then shared their own of abstracts, asked and reviewed from the comments and guidance contributed by Dr. Hanh and other participants.

Reporter: Phuong Hoang

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