Drawing on Littlewood’s continuum From focus on forms to focus on meaning (2002, p.322; 2013, p.14), this webinar aims to review and open a discussion on the pedagogy accompanying some of the current curricula in use at secondary ELT in Vietnam. The webinar will start with an analysis of the continuum in relation to CLT and TBLT – the teaching approaches in practice at Vietnamese schools. Variations of curriculum design and class activities will be addressed in this section. In the next two sections, textbooks and lesson plans from the mainstream curricula (i.e. the Tieng Anh series by MOET) and some others in use at private schools will be reviewed against the continuum to examine their focuses and thus, their potential for communicative language learning. Finally, a discussion on variations for implementing the textbooks prescribed in current secondary ELT settings will be open. Ideas and opinions in how to teach communicatively using the textbooks and materials available are welcome from the webinar panel and the audience.





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In this webinar, we would like to go through a complete process of conference participation from preparation (selecting a conference, getting acceptance for a conference, finding financial support, arranging accomodation and travel) to on-the-day attendance (presenting a paper, attending a presentation, and networking). We will share information to help you understand the process and some tips that you can take actions for your coming conferences.

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Webinar 5: Writing Abstracts for Conference Presentations

The workshop primarily aims to get the participants understand the structure of a conventional abstract; draft proper abstracts, using key information provided; compose abstracts from their own research; and critically analyze, comment, and edit their peers’ abstracts. The workshop serves as a hands-on experience for EFL teachers to formally introduce their classroom practices at academic conferences and early career researchers to be accepted more easily by the academic world.

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